TODAY IS THE DAY is a visionary foundation based in Hiroshima Japan. It's goal will be to reveal consciousness as the starting point of every person’s awareness. Through its activities using the forms of art, music, dance, performance, lecture, video, film, and workshop, the foundation will pursue its purpose: to inspire an art of free will and autonomy.


It will channel awareness into asking questions and building visions. Those visions will reveal a new system of personal and collective thoughts and actions, which will gradually counteract phenomena currently damaging the quality of life on earth. The foundation works from a belief that it is the artist’s calling to inspire a revival of the life-enhancing dynamisim of consciousnes.


The Foundation’s purpose, in addition, is to create and put into practice an ontological vision that transcends the structures and workings of existing systems. This follows from a belief that it is in art’s nature to explore the function of free will and to transcend contrivance in order to construct a social model that allows human existence to stand on its own.